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Worrying does not take away

The only constant in life we can count on is change. Yoga has evolved a lot in the last 5000 years; what was once a typically eastern practice, has now reached the sometimes-chaotic western world. Yogis have turned to yoga as a way to escape stress and anxiety, and in return have found inner peace and acceptance.

For most of us, having a disciplined at-hoYoga takes us to the Present Momentme practice is a luxury we currently can’t afford. So we search for a yoga studio; a place to practice where we feel comfortable; a place where we are connected to the instructors and the other students; a place that will eventually become our second home.

At Sweatbox Yoga Singapore we really care about our students. We’re here for you on and off your mat.

We know your time is precious and can’t commit a large amount of time to learning all there is to know about yoga. And that’s why we’re here to help!

We want our students to have access to a variety of information on yoga, wellness and spirituality. This is why we have chosen to blog. We want you to be able to find the information you’re seeking for right here, on our website.

Starting today, we will be releasing a blog twice a week on a variety of topics, and we’re looking for suggestions. What is it that you want to read about? We want to hear from you!

Maybe you want to learn about Sanskrit words commonly used in a yoga class, or maybe you’re looking for lesser-known stress reducing poses – what ever it is, let us know!

You can contact Amy at amy@sweatboxyoga.com.sg with any and all suggestions.

No matter how easy or difficult the topic, we’re ready for the challenge!

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