The Importance of Hydration in your Hot Yoga Practice

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Hydration: this topic is a confusing one.

Drink water, don’t drink water, drink it before your hot yoga practice, drink it during, drink it after. With so much information out there and so much heat in the studio, it’s sometimes hard to know exactly when to take a sip of that cool refreshing H2O that we seem to not be getting enough of.

Proper Hydration and Your Hot Yoga Practice

Hydration is important. Even though it is a common fact that you should drink at least 8 cups of water a day, most people don’t do this. My advice: don’t try to drink half your daily-recommended intake during your 60-minute hot yoga practice, unless you want to feel bloated, and most likely, nauseous.

It is important to limit water intake in the hour immediately before practice, as well as during your practice. If you feel thirsty within this time frame, stick to smaller sips of water to wet the whistle.

In order to make this a bearable for you, it is important to stay adequately hydrated throughout the day. This means find a fun water bottle, and make sure you use it!

When to Sip the Cool Stuff

Chugging 2 liters of water 15 minutes before practicing is cheating – and your body knows it! Expect it to reject this last ditch effort you just made; your body is too smart for itself.

The important of limiting water intake during yoga is this: yoga doesn’t work through just the muscoskeletal, but works with prana energy as well.

Water is believe to potentially damage the system of making the heat in the body called ‘ushna’. By restricting water intake, you will be fostering an environment that excels at the flow of that prana energy.

But remember, the core teachings of yoga is about feeling and not preventing and/or restricting. Meaning, if you need to grab that water bottle, you go on and grab that water bottle!

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