The Holiday Season and Bringing on 2016 with Sweatbox Yoga Singapore

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Christmas is creeping up on us here at Sweatbox Yoga Singapore and we want to take a moment to wish you, our beautiful members, a Happy Holiday season!!!

We want to remind you that we will be running on a reduced schedule starting next week and will continue with class reductions until the New Year.

So please, before you head on over for your typical 18:45 Tuesday Hot 26 class, make sure you check out our schedule to ensure we’re open. The link to the schedule can be found here:

We also want to let you know that our blogger will be on a mini vacation for the next two-weeks, but she’s got big plans for upcoming articles that will encourage you to have the best 2016 possible.

Stay tuned for topics that include: ‘how to actually keep those New Year resolutions’, ‘the importance of starting fresh’, as well as a multitude of other topics related to your experience at Sweatbox Yoga Singapore.

And don’t you worry; we’re not going to leave you wondering about how to start 2016 off right. Check back on December 28th for on article about how to get prepared for the New Year.

We still want to hear from you though! Take this time to be so bold as to contact us and let us know what you want to read about.

No matter how difficult the topic, we’re here to serve you! Sweatbox Yoga Singapore is here for you on your mat, and on the web – and we encourage our members, and wannabe members to reach out and ask us your questions.

Shoot Amy an e-mail at and let her know what you want to read about.

Happy Holidays from the Sweatbox Yoga Singapore Team!!!


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