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The 3 Myths Men Believe About Yoga

Millions of people practice yoga everyday. But why is it the majority of practitioners in studios are women? Are guys really that intimidated by yoga?

Men, let me ask you this: what makes you uncomfortable? Is it the tight lulus you’re going to have to wear, or the fact that you’re not flexible? Are you nervous that the 75 year old women on the mat next to you is going to out-do you, yoga style? Now before I remind you that age is relative, flexibility is gained, and lulus are definitely not mandatory, I want to help you get over your preconceived notions about yoga.

Myth #1: Yoga is for women

  • Let me remind you that the world (i.e. women’s rights) has come a long way since ancient yoga began. Do you think ladies were the first ones who created and designed yoga? In most lineages of yoga, no, men were the ones who created this practice. They also ensured that yoga poses were meticulously designed to open every single The triceps pulley at the gym doesn’t do that and neither does the abduction machine. 

Myth #2: Yoga is just a stretch, not a form of exercise

  • This is probably the biggest misconception of yoga. I have never once come out of a Vinyasa flow class not dripping buckets. Do us yogis a favor: go to a Bikram class and tell us yoga is just stretching! 

Myth #3: You’re not flexible, so you won’t be good at yoga

  • One wise teacher once told me, that the less flexible you are, the better you are at yoga. And let me tell you, it went to my head. I am a naturally inflexible person, with the tightest hips you will ever see – and I embrace it. I show up at a yoga class knowing that I am going to get the benefits without having to find ways to get further into a stretch. Additionally, you will build muscle around certain joints that will keep you stable and safe further along in your practice.

Now men, if you are still on the fence about yoga, let me ask you one more question. You know that 9-5 job that inevitably comes home with you? That affects your family and social life? That depletes your energy levels yet prevents you from sleeping? Yoga will help. Yoga reduces the stress hormone cortisol, which means less stress (obviously) and a better night’s sleep.

Do yourself a favor? Grab a yoga mat and begin your yoga journey.


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