Being an active person throughout her life, Kleo would take a shot to any sport. Running used to be top of her list. However, it affected her knee and the lethargies after marathons just don’t seem to fill in her gap. Until, she met her first Ashtanga Yoga teacher (a student of K. Pattabhi Jois) 11 years ago at a part time job in a New Age book store & Yoga studio. It was the breath, mindfulness and meditative movement of Yoga attracted her. Then, practice took toil when work demands became heavy.

Life took a turn some 5 years ago when she became a stay home mum. Practice was regular then, she finally pursued her 200hr Ashtanga and Hatha Yoga Teacher Training. Today, she is juggling between full time mum to 2 active boys and Yoga teaching at Sweatbox and parks.

Kleo places strong importance in the proper alignment and postures during the practice of asanas. She hopes to share this holistic wellness (both physical & spiritual) to everyone. She believes in being thankful in daily life. With gratitude, comes happiness and peace.


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