Christina left her busy corporate life in the UK after giving birth to her son and decided to take a career break to spend some time with her family and herself. Since returning from London, she struggled with the transformation of leaving her corporate life to being a full-time mother and wife. It took her nearly a year after that to rediscover herself. Yoga was a chanced opportunity whilst looking for things to do desperately one afternoon after dropping off Charles at a school in the Grandstand. She discovered Updog Studio and decided to give it a try. Since then, she has not looked back. Her greatest inspiration is Miryam Acosta who has been an amazing figure in making her fall in love with yoga. “My greatest benefit from yoga is that I hardly suffer from sinusitis these days. I used to suffer from stuffy running nose every morning and since practicing yoga, my breathing has improved so much. I no longer depend on nasal spray anymore. Spiritually, I have learned to be more grounded and constantly rediscovering myself in so many ways through yoga.
Setting up Sweatbox Yoga was a natural next step to spread the love of yoga and inspire more men as well as our children to practice yoga in a generally female dominated scene.

“Realise deeply that the present moment is all you ever have”
Eckhart Tolle

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