When Charissa started on her yoga journey, she could barely do a Chaturanga – fast forward five years, and yoga has now become an important part of her everyday life. She first fell in love with the practice when she started to notice subtle changes in her body. She loved how, day by day, her body became stronger and allowed her to do things she never before thought she could.

Sometimes a bit of a control freak, she found a certain beauty that came with surrendering to her practice and allowing things to come her way. Charissa loves how yoga never fails slow down a busy mind. When each breath starts to connect to each movement, it’s just you and the mat – nothing else matters. With yoga, she learnt to embrace the present and to find joy in each day. She committed to taking her practice further and completed her RYT200 in Hatha/Vinyasa Yoga.

Adventurous, cheerful and sometimes just a little bit silly, Charissa wants to help you grow in your own practice with some laughter and a lot of smiles. She will challenge you and push you, and share in the joy and achievement that comes with each practice.

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